Fosamax Lawsuit

Fosamax Lawsuit Procedure and Evaluation

Merck & Co., despite an abundance of evidence to the contrary, has yet to acknowledge that Fosamax can cause abnormal femur fractures, leaving those who take the drug and suffer a thigh bone break no way to hold the company accountable except for filing a Fosamax lawsuit against it. To date, approximately 100 people have done so in courts across the United States, prompting Merck to recently seek the centralization of all the federal Fosamax claims it faces. If you have taken Fosamax and suffered a femur fracture, you may also be able to take legal action against Merck. While you should not attempt to do so without the help of a lawyer, there are some steps you can proactively take before meeting with an attorney for a Fosamax case evaluation.

The Fosamax lawsuit procedure actually begins not at a lawyer’s office, but a doctor’s office. That is because your case will have no chance of success unless you first have your leg injury diagnosed as an atypical, or low-energy, femur fracture. While visiting your physician for evaluation, be sure to obtain a copy of your medical records, x-rays, and anything else that can be used to substantiate that the injury you suffered is the same type scientific research links to Fosamax use. Also try to get a copy of your prescription history, one that shows you have taken Fosamax. And with an eye towards future compensation from Merck, also gather evidence that shows how much money your injuries have cost you, such as insurance documents, medical bills, and employment records (to show your lost wages). It is additionally useful to keep a diary of the pain, suffering, and other setbacks caused by your injury, all of which can be claimed as non-monetary damages in a Fosamax lawsuit.

With this evidence in hand, you can seek legal counsel and a Fosamax case evaluation. Of course, if you have questions, you can speak to a lawyer at any time, even before you have gathered evidence. Taking the initiative and obtaining key documentation ahead of schedule merely means that you are that much closer to actually filing a lawsuit and obtaining a money reward. Just remember that without an experienced lawyer in your corner, you chances of obtaining fair compensation though a Fosamax lawsuit decrease dramatically.  Get a free consultation from RLG by filling in this contact form.

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