Fosamax Lawsuit Compensation

Fosamax Lawsuits Compensation and Settlements

By filing a Fosamax lawsuit against pharmaceutical manufacturer Merck, injured consumers can obtain compensation for the losses their abnormal femur fractures have caused them. The consequences of a thigh bone break can be significant, preventing you from doing everyday activities and enjoying life the way you did before your injury, not to mention costing you thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages. Your femur fracture certainly wasn’t your fault; Merck alone is to blame for manufacturing a defective, dangerous drug and failing to warn of its side effects. By holding the company accountable through a lawsuit, it is possible to recover part of what your injury has taken from you.

When seeking financial reparations through a Fosamax lawsuit settlement or verdict, a plaintiff can claim two types of damages. The first type, monetary damages, is meant to compensate a victim for those losses which have a clear economic value. Examples of monetary damages include medical bills, medical equipment such as crutches or a wheelchair, and lost wages due to time missed at work. All of these things cost a specific amount of money, making it relatively easy to calculate how much Merck might owe you for them.

Non-monetary damages, the second type of money award available to Fosamax plaintiffs, are a bit more subjective. Included in this category of damages are things like physical pain and suffering, emotional hardship, a loss of enjoyment of life, diminished standing in the community, and loss of companionship. Although none of these things have a clear worth in terms of dollars, they nonetheless are valuable and therefore compensable.

The amount of actual compensation individual claimants are eligible to receive varies a great deal from case to case. And because femur fracture lawsuits against Merck have yet to go to trial, no Fosamax lawsuit settlement for this type of case has yet been handed out. Some Fosmax cases involving jaw bone injuries, however, have been settled, with one plaintiff receiving $8 million in damages last year. But because Fosamax jaw bone are substantially different than femur fracture injuries, this result should not be considered exemplary.

To get a better idea of how much Fosamax lawsuit compensation you might be able to recover, speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. By reviewing the details of your case, an attorney can provide an accurate estimate of your damages and also help you proceed with your claim against Merck.  Get a free consultation from RLG by filling in this contact form.

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